Trennfuchs® a recycling system for used tyres

Turn old into new - this call applies in particular to the recycling of old car tires. Scrap tires are a valuable raw material consisting of steel, tire rubber and textile fibers that is produced in large quantities worldwide: In Germany alone, more than 650,000 tons of discarded tires have to be disposed of or recycled every year.

Legal regulations such as the ban on landfilling of used tires in the EU are exacerbating the situation. Over the past ten years, the price of natural rubber has risen by around 600%.

Trennfuchs® key data

We have designed the Trennfuchs® system to provide fast and sorted separation of tires into their basic components:

  • Alloyed, sorted steel
  • Pure tire rubber in various grain sizes
  • Synthetic fiber fabric flakes


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The Trennfuchs® uses a kinetic mode of operation in which the materials to be separated are subjected to high acceleration. The associated impact effect leads to separation into the individual components of the disposed composites. Mechanical, pneumatic and magnetic separators are integrated for this purpose.  Neither liquid nor chemical additives are required, nor is there any thermal stress in the separation process.


The Trennfuchs® system requires little maintenance and incurs only low wear costs, as no knives are used. Energy consumption is low compared to conventional processes (200 kW per ton of coarsely crushed feedstock). The plant is operated under negative pressure, which minimizes dust exposure. For maintenance, about 6 hours per year are to be calculated.


The recycling capacity is freely scalable due to the modular design. The size of the modules corresponds to a standard container. One unit is designed for 0.5 t of feedstock per hr, which is roughly equivalent to the quantity of 50 car tires. Only 2 persons are required to operate up to 5 modules simultaneously.

The modular design also allows different starting materials to be processed simultaneously. The Trennfuchs® can thus be operated flexibly in several lines in a recycling plant.


The Trennfuchs® is fed with coarsely shredded raw material (dimensions approx. 4 x 4 cm). In addition to scrap tires, tire wire from the stockpile, stranded cables with or without plugs, window frames or other composite materials made of steel and plastic/rubber can also be fragmented in the Trennfuchs®.


In tire recycling, Trennfuchs® delivers

  • The purest tire rubber of various grain sizes
  • Alloyed single-grade steel wire cloth and rim ring wire with a purity level of 99% and a bulk weight of approx. 3 t/m
  • Fabric flocks, textile fibers


Utilization for foundries
Our material is free-flowing and leads to a considerably higher filling degree. At the same time, the melting time is reduced by up to 40% due to the higher density.

Tire wire with fabric flocking
Tire wire
Tire wire
Tire rubber with a diameter of about 4-6 mm
Tire rubber with a diameter of about 2-4 mm
Tire rubber with a diameter of about 1-2 mm
Tire rubber with a diameter of approximately 0.3-1 mm
Copper from stranded cables
Aluminum with a diameter of about 1-5 mm from aluminum window waste


The single-variety tire rubber recovered with Trennfuchs® has excellent recyclability in various recycling applications:
e.g. new tire rubber compounds, sports field flooring, asphalt flooring, rubber mats, noise control, insulation, recreational facilities, sealants, oil binders and pyrolysis oil.

The steel granules ejected by Trennfuchs® with a bulk density of approx. 3-4.5 t/m³ are in demand by foundries: the small-particle tire wire recyclate with the highest degree of purity can reduce melting time by 40%. Due to its pourability, it can be used as an additive to conventional metal scrap to fill gaps in the steel furnace and thus significantly increase the efficiency of the melting processes.

The reuse of textile fabric flakes from tire recycling is still in its infancy. In most cases, they are still sent for thermal recycling. However, separate sales markets are developing for the approximately 2% fluff fraction contained in tires, e.g. in the insulation industry. The property profile of the cord fibers separated by Trennfuchs® is significantly higher than that of comparable synthetic fibers, making them ideal for further pioneering applications.

Would you like to get to know the Trennfuchs®?

Convince yourself of the qualities delivered by our Trennfuchs® tire recycling systems. We would also be happy to send you material samples or the expert documentation as proof of the plant function.

We are very interested in establishing contacts with foundries, investors and recyclers. We are happy to accompany every new Trennfuchs® project with our expertise and passion, from the initial discussion to ongoing operation.

The Trennfuchs® - smart recycling

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